Hot Cops - Dumbbo - DIY Premiere

elfast trio Hot Cops have been swimming under the radar for some time now. But their new single ‘Dumbbo’ - following up the impressive ‘Passive Passive’ - is the kind of angsty, Fugazi-nodding hellraiser that ought to get them noticed.

One half of a new 7” single on Paper Trail Records, the track laments on a life spent trying to stay informed and always on, all of the time. Frontman / guitarist Carl Eccles says “it’s important to care and connect with something, whether it’s spiritual / physical /emotional / ideological, but it’s also really hard. Keeping up is difficult and prioritising can be overwhelming,” and that’s a message pretty much anyone with a WiFi connection can relate to.

In the spirit of being overwhelmed, ‘Dumbbo’ builds from scraps into a living, breathing juggernaut, finding inspiration in the darkest depths. It’s streaming below.

The ’Dumbbo’ / ‘Auto’ 7” is limited to 250 pink marble copies, out from 2nd September. Pre-order here

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Ever dreamed of starting your own record label? Here’s how one duo did it

You do it for the love of music, there’s no other reason to do this really, but that’s probably the best reason I can think of for doing a job.”

That is Dan Finnegan, one half of Dublin indie record label Paper Trail Records, the bi-product of two music fans’ desire to see good music brought to light.

“It does mean that you get up every day and you’re like ‘I get to go and hang out with my friend, and listen to music’ … it’s the best job in some ways,” he told

Finnegan and business partner, Jack Rainey, both in their mid-20s, founded Paper Trail about a year ago when they signed New York indie act Cloud.

Each of the pair had a keen interest in music, with Finnegan having worked for a US-based label, but the catalyst was their shared appreciation for the artist and the straightforward aspiration of working with him to put out a record.


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