Hot Cops - Auto (Gold Flake Paint Premiere)

It’s no great surprise to hear that Hot Cops new track was partly inspired by some lonesome wandering around a foreign city, as there’s a distinct sense of removed isolation coursing though the veins of ‘Auto‘, even after it leaps from its simmering opening minute in to something more hardened and raucous.

The second half of the band’s new double single, courtesy of the ever-fruitful Paper Trail Records, and perhaps the band’s most compelling number to-date, ‘Auto’ is led by a bouncing bass line and spiky guitars, and most pertinently shaped by both that greyly subdued lead vocal and the lyrics that fall from it; the context of which you can read in more detail below.

Inspired by The Breeders and with a devilish taste of Pavement waiting around every languid, moody corner, it’s a brilliantly infectious bout of guitar-pop from the highly-promising Northern Ireland trio, and it’s streaming below right now. Here’s what the band themselves have to say about it…

In 2013 some friends and I went to Amsterdam after finishing school. It was my first trip without my family and I noticed that I never looked up from the ground when we were walking anywhere with the group. It felt very insular and strange. Most of it was written as a kind of poem on the train from Amsterdam to Utrecht. We had gone to the Anne Frank museum and there was an interview with Otto Frank where he said something along the lines of “nobody really knows their children” and that stuck with me.

Anyway on the last night in Amsterdam we got bedbugs and we had to get a train to Paris the next day. I was not thrilled so got a flight home that day and burned out those bugs but you better believe I was paranoid, itchy and anxious for about a year after that.



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