Hot Cops - Dumbbo - DIY Premiere

Belfast trio Hot Cops have been swimming under the radar for some time now. But their new single ‘Dumbbo’ - following up the impressive ‘Passive Passive’ - is the kind of angsty, Fugazi-nodding hellraiser that ought to get them noticed.

One half of a new 7” single on Paper Trail Records, the track laments on a life spent trying to stay informed and always on, all of the time. Frontman / guitarist Carl Eccles says “it’s important to care and connect with something, whether it’s spiritual / physical /emotional / ideological, but it’s also really hard. Keeping up is difficult and prioritising can be overwhelming,” and that’s a message pretty much anyone with a WiFi connection can relate to.

In the spirit of being overwhelmed, ‘Dumbbo’ builds from scraps into a living, breathing juggernaut, finding inspiration in the darkest depths. It’s streaming below.

The ’Dumbbo’ / ‘Auto’ 7” is limited to 250 pink marble copies, out from 2nd September. Pre-order here