Beach Moon/ Peach Moon (Kite Without A String - DIY Magazine Song Premiere)

San Francisco-based Robert Prisco - aka Beach Moon/Peach Moon - is to release his debut album ‘Kite Without A String’ via Paper Trail Records at the end of the month, and has just revealed the title track, the second cut to arrive from the record.

‘Kite Without A String’ follows the album’s lead track ‘Philosophy At 23/At 24’ and takes standard emo sensibilities and injects a slab of downbeat electronica and the kind of astral vocals that Youth Lagoon utilises so well.

Lead guitars embed and wrap themselves around the warmest of chords in a cut that appears melancholic but with listen upon listen becomes unavoidably welcoming. Prisco’s cited influences of The Microphones and Daniel Johnston both shine through on the track, with more standard emo of the ’90s also appearing as a clear reference point.

‘Kite Without A String’ is arriving via Paper Trail on 29th June, digitally and on limited edition cassette, and can be pre-ordered here. Stream the title track below.