Star Parks | Theoretical Girls Premiere

On April 29, Austin's Star Parks will release the full-length Don't Dwell via Paper Trail. Ahead of the record, we're premiering the auspicious lead single "Theoretical Girls."

It's a spacey chamber pop track with a mellow Americana streak, and it will probably instantly bring to mind certain singer/songwriters of the late-‘60s and early-‘70s; there seems to be a bit of Nilsson and Newman in "Theoretical Girls," and maybe a touch of Chris Bell, too. However, the woozily comfortable song feels familiar and mysterious, evocative of a past era but casting a new spell each time you play it. Connecting with us via email, here's what singer/guitarist Andy Bianculli had to say about the single:

"Theoretical girls was an idea I think I tried to write for a while. I think it was kind of a surrender song. Maybe at that point when you realize it's not doing you any good to keep these ideas of certain potential relationships floating around. It seemed like a love song and a pledge of dedication when I wrote it, but now I suppose it sounds like the complete opposite and I guess I was trying to fool myself. But I think we all have had that instance when we meet some one and neither of you are in the position to act on it and there is that sigh and thought of "well, next life we'll get it together.""

Listen below.