Cloud - Patience Through the Storm Cassette

Cloud - Patience Through the Storm Cassette


High-bias cassette tape, packaged in a delightful handmade floral box. Limited to only 50 copies and specially designed to warm your wintery bones.

Comes with a free digital copy of the album in a format of your choosing.

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Following on from the recently released Zen Summer, Tyler Taormina’s critically acclaimed second LP, comes Patience Through the Storm – an EP comprised of material written in the same period. While Zen Summer dealt with the unknown and the anxieties associated with a state of flux, Patience Through the Storm is the sound of a young man coming to terms with himself and his new beginnings. 

The EP features tracks like Trees All Right, considered by Tyler Taormina to be the last of the Zen Summer era. Written after the release of the album, the song demonstrates a transition back into a darker place. In Tyler’s own words: “I'm coming to see the oscillation as a sort of way of life and a song like Trees All Right can usher you in between these places safely”.